Wednesday, 09 November 2016 18:17

Bohemian Pilsner - 4.8%

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Bohemian Pilsner The world owes the town of Pizen (Pilsen) a debt of gratitude, for it was here in the Czech province of Bohemia, on 5 October 1842, that the first modern batch of Pilsner was brewed. Our limited Release Bohemian Pilsner pays homage to this hugely popular beer style, with its golden colour, balanced malt base and a crisp, refreshing hop finish....  
Wednesday, 09 November 2016 11:36

From the White House to the Ciderhouse

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At the risk of near fatal understatement, this is an inauspicious week for humanity.
Monday, 07 November 2016 20:16

2nd Female Brewers Showcase & Sensory Beer Tasting

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After having a successful event showcasing the brewing efforts of Beer Baroness, Tiamana and Mata last year we have decided to host a second event with an even larger roster of brewers. At Moon we always like to have good and interesting beers on tap and we're pleased to have an ever growing number of female brewers to choose from. Every one of them produces great beer, regardless of gender…
Wednesday, 02 November 2016 09:42

Trappist beers gladden my tiny black heart

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I have been self-employed for nearly a decade and my company has never had a mission statement, a vision statement or any written strategies. A credible argument could be made that it has never had any unwritten strategies either.
Monday, 31 October 2016 14:43

Day of the Dead Street Fiesta!

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Join Garage Project, Golding's Free Dive and the Hannahs Laneway Crew for the Day of the Dead Street Fiesta. An annual celebration of life and love one's past.Full Garage Project line up both in the courtyard and on tap inside. Including special releases - Day of the Dead, Chilli Chocolate Black Lager & La Calavera Catrina, Watermelon, Habanero & Rosewater Maize Lager. Dia De Los Muertos brings the Hannahs Laneway alive with…
Staff Profiles in Courage: Sam - “One light, one dark and one weird” Welcome to the seventh instalment of the especially esteemed Malthouse blog feature titled “Staff Profiles in Courage.” This semi-regular format involves me sitting down with a worthy Malty staff member at “my table” in the bar, operating my voice recorder like a proper journalist, [1] drinking a hoppy ale (or two), and asking a number of meticulously…