Epic 11th Birthday: “My secret dream is to write an epic poem. That's probably the most pretentious thing I've said.”


This blog has for many years been built on three literary devices – tangents, disclaimers and footnotes. For once, it is time to move straight to the disclaimer before one and a half pages of finely written tangential prose about cricket (not so good right now), Star Wars (looking kind of marvellous right now) and soon to be former Prime Minister John Key. [1]

Over the years there have been many songs written about rainbows.

To err is human, to arrrrgh is stone cold pirate... for life

There have been many famous pirates throughout the ages including Dionysius the Phocaean, Kim Dotcom, Black Bart, Captain Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, Paul Burchill and Lucy Lawless. [1] They were buccaneers, freelancers, privateers, outlaws, heroes and villains.

In the previous blog, I described last week as “an inauspicious week for humanity.” Subsequent events were to demonstrate this was a gargantuan understatement –

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 11:36

From the White House to the Ciderhouse

At the risk of near fatal understatement, this is an inauspicious week for humanity.

Wednesday, 02 November 2016 09:42

Trappist beers gladden my tiny black heart

I have been self-employed for nearly a decade and my company has never had a mission statement, a vision statement or any written strategies. A credible argument could be made that it has never had any unwritten strategies either.