Friday, 23 November 2012 19:09

Poor students, good beer

Like David Shearer and David Cunliffe, Palmerston North and I have never really gotten along.  The town slogan may be “Knowledge City”

Friday the Thirteen might be unlucky for some but it was certainly a great day to be a beer lover in Wellington.

Naming a beer used to be easy.  You simply put the name of the brewery in front of the style of the beer. 

This week's Malthouse blog - June 26th 2012

Wellington is the Craft Beer Capital, Nelson is the Craft Brewing Capital and Auckland is making a credible bid to be crowned the Craft Brewpub Capital.

In the last eighteen months or so, a number of new venues have joined the likes of Galbraith’s Ale House and Hallertau Brewbar in making their own beer right on the premises.  

This week's Malthouse blog
Even by their own high standards, it was a busy and award-filled month for the Yeastie Boys.  The self-described “post-modern brewing company” which has just that little bit more fun than everyone else” saw their Gunnamatta IPA crowned “The People’s Choice” at Melbourne's Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular. 

Its the time of year again when we up the hops and party! 

Friday 13th of July sees the 5th Annual West Coast IPA Challenge take place at Malthouse from 4pm. Come along and try this years entries from Epic, Hallertau, Garage Project, Townshend, Liberty,Tuatara, Yeastie Boys, Moa and more! Our Judging panel this year consists of Geoff Griggs, Kieran Haslett Moore and Martin Craig.

Look out for blog updates and news on the events taking place in the lead up to the day.