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Lagunitas Brewing Co. Meet The Brewer Tuesday 6th June 7pm

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You might be familiar with one of the Americas largest craft breweries Lagunitas, Spanish for Small Lake, Brewing Co.

Founded in 1993 by Tony Magee in Lagunitas, California, and moved a year later to nearby Petaluma, California, when they quickly outgrew their original location. Since the mid-2000s, Lagunitas has been one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in the United States and is now coming to New Zealand.

Next Tuesday the 6th of June at 7pm both Patrick Mace and Ron Lindenbusch will be at Malthouse for a 'Meet the Brewer Event'. Don't miss this opportunity to meet with two of the integral team members of Lagunitas Brewing Company – Dr Pat (Patrick) and Ron.


Patrick Mace Lagunitas Brewing Co. My life of beer

Self-proclaimed Dr. Pat, began borrowing Coors beer from Dad’s fridge in High School. With money from first job purchased Imports of Heineken, San Miguel and others discovering real beer flavour and quality.  Leaving the US for 3 years served with NATO Germany and dove into various styles of European biers. Returning to the States in 1981 and discovered Anchor Steam & Sierra Nevada, sparking the love of good American craft beer. The West coast American beer renaissance was taking hold. Began selling both domestic & imports with San Francisco Bay Area Coors distributor. In 1994 met Tony Magee (Lagunitas founder) brewing in a rented garage on a 7 barrel system and asking if he could sell his beer. “Nope, I’m a one man operation” Tony replied. In 1995 left the Coors Distributorship & began selling Sierra Nevada & other craft beers with independent distributor. Became a closet Lagunitas drinker while selling against them. In 1998 became the Lagunitas 2nd sales person/ 12th employee selling both locally & nationally as company grew.  Currently drinking & preaching the gospel of good beer around the blue marble.

Beer Speaks People Mumble…

Ron Lindenbusch, head of marketing / Beer Weasel at Lagunitas Brewing Co

Ron Lindenbusch started at Lagunitas in 1995, making him the third employee of the Northern California brewery.

Ron grew up in St. Louis and moved to Northern California in 1984, where he discovered a fledgling craft brewing scene the likes of which Missouri had not yet seen. He found his way into the craft brewing scene via the restaurant business. He began pushing beers such as Acme and Grant’s as these pioneers were making their first splashes in the mid-80s. He left his corporate restaurant gig to run the Tavern at the Hopland Brewery — the first brewpub since Prohibition — in 1989. He never looked back. From there he went on to partner up at the Wild Hare Tavern in Santa Rosa in 1991, featuring 30 draft beers, with 28 of them being craft and imports.

Ron moved to the distribution end of the beer business and helped turn Marino Distributing in Sonoma from a wine distributor that carried Stroh’s products into a craft beer house that carried wine (and Stroh’s), joining in on the explosion of craft beer as it unfolded in Northern California. Shortly after Tony Magee founded Lagunitas Brewing Company in 1993, Ron joined on to head up the marketing and distribution side of things. They had an unconventional approach to how it should all go, and developed an anti-marketing approach to beer marketing that focuses on relationships and having fun.