19-24 APRIL 2017

Please note that this event is now over.

Hopstock 2017 Prize Pool

Your completed entry will also go into the draw to win a prize from the following pool:

Events & Experiences
Beervana 2017 Double Pass
Greater Wellington Brewday 2018 Double Pass
Tuatara Tasting Experience Double Pass

Black Dog Caps, tees, and bar vouchers
Sprig & Fern Tinakori tee and bar voucher
MOON Bar vouchers
Craft Beer Capital Beer Bucket Fountain Tees
Baylands Tees
Behemoth Brewing hat and tee
8 Wired tees and glassware
Beer Baroness tees
Emersons tees
Garage Project tees
Mata Beer tees
Double vision tees and posters
Bach Brewing tees and glassware
Kereru flagons (empty) and glassware
Hop Federation tees and glassware 

While the Hopstock stamp trail is an 18+ activity, it is important to note that you don't have to drink alcohol to be part of the fun and prizes!

See more info about how to take part in the Hopstock 2017 trail