19-24 APRIL 2017

Please note that this event is now over.

Who & What? Where?

Aotearoa Breweries / Mata Beer
Hop My Ride / IPA / 6.7% / Nelson Sauvin A malty IPA loaded with Nelson Sauvin Fresh hops, which is very much the dominating hop in this IPA.

CH3NO2 / Hop Fuel / 9.4% / Nelson Sauvin Hop Fuel…… Sauvin all over it…… Rye, Oats all sorts of craziness, Filter? No thank you.

Hop Federation
Hop Federation Fresh Hop IPA / IPA / 6.8% / Cascade With a very soft aroma, this is all about the body and palette. It packs a punch of fresh piney grassy goodness, the bitterness is big which shows off the Fresh Hops as they should be.

Black Dog Brewery
Kakariki / Fresh Hopped IPA / 6.5% / Nelson Sauvin For those who fondly remember previous renditions of this fresh-hopped gem, we have stuck to the tried and true – almost. Keeping the malt base firm but simple, this year we again showcase Nelson Sauvin hops fresh from harvest, with some NZ Cascade for added complexity. This mammoth amount of hops requires some innovation on the part of our brewers – the mash tun is converted into Black Dog’s biggest ever hop-back! The resulting beer is a crisp and refreshing IPA with a piney, resinous character and a hint of kerosene on the nose

Funk Estate
Fresh Hop Doozy / IPA / 6.6% / Nelson Sauvin Fresh Hop Doozy has a heap of Fresh Nelson Sauvin at flameout to give a pungent wet hop character, over Doozy's standard slightly caramelly malt base. The other hops we use in Doozy are Motueka and Rakau and the citrus and stone fruit characteristics from these layer well with the passionfruit and grape from the Sauvin.

Tiamana + Wild & Woolly
Hopfenbär / Fresh Hop IPA / 6.6% / Motueka, Taiheke and Nelson Sauvin Fresh hops as strong as a bear! Big nose, dry body, juicy tropical fruit, and charming notes of kerosene.

Te Aro Brewing
Grazzle Dazzle / Fresh Hop Pilsner / 5.2% / Motueka and Nelson Sauvin A fresh hopped version of our Razzle Dazzle NZ Pilsner, using fresh Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops. An easy drinking, clean and grassy thirst quencher.

Fork Brewing
Cone in the Bavarian / Fresh Hopped Schwarzbier / 5% / ​Nelson Sauvin A well muscled black bier

Garage Project
16 Feet High and Rising / Fresh Hop IPA / 6.6% / Kohatu & Nelson Sauvin Fresh hop fruity pale ale, notes of stonefruit and citrus.

Kereru Brewing Co.
Fresh Hop Special Bitter 2017 / Special Bitter / 5% / Taiheke and Motueka A Special Bitter with loads of malt and gentle fresh Taiheke and Motueka hop character. Soft, bready, hints of toffee. Look for it on hand pull.

Renaissance Brewing
Grandmaster / Imperial IPA / 8.4% / Riwaka To brew this special Ale we have used large amounts of freshly harvested hops, and for that we have selected one of New Zealand sexiest hop varieties, Rakau. We drove over to Motueka early one March morning and got the hops fresh off the vines, then drove back to Blenheim and brewed with them in the afternoon. Rakau is considered uniquely fruity bursting with flavours of fig, stonefruit with hints of mandarin and lime zest and leaves the ale with a smooth finish. The huge soft bitterness is balanced by the malt sweetness of the base beer yielding a very drinkable heavy ale.

Baylands Brewery
Waifly IV / IPA / 6.5% / Nelson Sauvin This year's WaiFly IPA celebrates fresh Nelson Sauvin hops for a mouth-bending, mind-blowing, wet hop experience.

Eagle Brewing
South Island Pale Ale Fresh Hop / NZ Pale Ale / 5.5% / Taiheke, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin Fresh hop SIPA is a revelation. Taiheke, Motueka & Nelson Sauvin - fresh from the bine - join forces to take your palate on a lupuluin fuelled roadtrip. All killer no filler.

Please note that this is a change to the original lineup.

Choice Bros
Petrichor / Red Ale / 4.5% / Nelson Sauvin The of the smell of the on coming rain. An English Amber Ale. Malty and embracing with a big hit of Nelson Sauvin cones.

8 Wired Brewing Co.
Fresh Hopwired / Fresh Hopped NZ IPA / 7.3% / Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka A slightly hazy orange with a white head. Aroma is is ripe tropical fruits, sauvignon blanc, lightly traced with wet grass, pine. The flavor is mildly sweet malt, tempered with and a bitter sticky hoppy note that lingers through the finish.

Emerson's Brewery
Re:Fresher / NZ Pilsner / 5.8% / Nelson Sauvin A Nelson Sauvin Pilsner, lovely passion fruit and lemon flavours, very fresh.

Cheech and Chong / NZ IPA / 6.5% / Nelson Sauvin Big Grape Juice and Tropical Flavours, dank in aroma, big and reisonous.

Beer Baroness
Fresh hop Lady Danger / Fresh Hop Red Ale / 6.5% / NZ Cascade & Taiheke Lady Danger Hoppy Red Ale is on of Beer Baronesses top sellers. Malt body, rich complexity and bright hoppiness hidden in this alluring red ale. On the nose ripe fruit wrestling in pine needles enchants the senses, and abundance of US hops and balanced malt fullness round out the punchy flavours. This fresh hop version using NZ Cascade Green hops (Taiheke), gives it added earthiness character. A fresh hop first for Beer Baroness.

North End Brewing Co.
Forty South IPA / Reimagined English IPA / 7% / Taiheke

Bach Brewing + Laughing Bones
Cornucopia / East Coast IPA - Unfiltered / 6.5% / Motueka and Taiheke
Unfortunately the above beer has been pulled due to a brewing fault. Southern Cross will be serving rotating taps of other Fresh Hop beer as they can get their hands on them. Please still pay them a visit for a beer, food, or non-alcohlic beverage to complete your trail activity.

Sprig & Fern
Harvest Pilsner™ (2017) / Pilsner / 5% / Motueka and Nelson Sauvin For our fresh-hopped Harvest Pilsner™, we use two freshly picked hops, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin harvested at the Kentishman Hop Farm in Upper Moutere, a stone's throw away from the brewery. As well as the distinctive hop bouquet gained from using fresh hops, Motueka gives passion fruit and tropical notes and Nelson Sauvin bold citrus aromas. With a crisp and dry Pilsner finish this quadruple gold medal winner beer is one to savour .

Tuatara Brewing
Vastafarian / Wet hopped IPA / 5.6% / Riwaka and Sauvin The beer gods were kind this harvest. Angels sang and celestial light streamed from the van as craft beer evangelist Carl Vasta parted rear doors to reveal botanic riches within. "Let there be Riwaka hops" was heard from above as we shielded our eyes from the glare. An explosion of passionfruit, gooseberry and grapefruit that only the freshest Nelson Riwaka and Sauvin hops can provide.