19-24 APRIL 2017
Who & What? Where?

Aotearoa Breweries / Mata Beer
Hop My Ride / IPA / 6.5% / ?

CH3NO2 / Hop Fuel / 9.4% / Nelson Sauvin Hop Fuel…… Sauvin all over it…… Rye, Oats all sorts of craziness, Filter? No thank you.

Hop Federation
Hop Federation Fresh Hop IPA / IPA / 6.8% / Cascade

Black Dog Brewery
Beer info to come...

Funk Estate
Fresh Hop Doozy / IPA / 6.6% / Nelson Sauvin

Tiamana + Wild & Woolly
Hopfenbär / Fresh Hop IPA / 6.6% / Motueka, Taiheke and Nelson Sauvin Fresh hops as strong as a bear! Big nose, dry body, juicy tropical fruit, and charming notes of kerosene.

Te Aro Brewing
Beer info to come...

Fork Brewing
Cone in the Bavarian / Fresh Hopped Schwarzbier / 5% / ​Nelson Sauvin A well muscled black bier

Garage Project
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Kereru Brewing Co.
Fresh Hop Special Bitter 2017 / Special Bitter / 5% / Taiheke and Motueka A Special Bitter with loads of malt and gentle fresh Taiheke and Motueka hop character. Soft, bready, hints of toffee. Look for it on hand pull.

Renaissance Brewing
Beer info to come...

Baylands Brewery
Waifly IV / IPA / 6.5% / Nelson Sauvin This year's WaiFly IPA celebrates fresh Nelson Sauvin hops for a mouth-bending, mind-blowing, wet hop experience.

Double Vision Brewing
Dr Green / NZ IPA / 6.6% / Taiheke throughout boil, Nelson Sauvin in fermenter A self confessed hop forward beer, though not without a sturdy foundation of new Zealand malts to spread its flowery wing upon. The Dr. Green has a hearty amount of late addition Taiheke to give a certain grapefruit and lime character which the green dry hop Nelson Sauvin that adds that fruity white wine edge that we all know and love.

Choice Bros
Hologramic / Belgian Tripel / 8.7% / Motueka

8 Wired Brewing Co.
Fresh Hopwired / Fresh Hopped NZ IPA / 7.3% / Riwaka, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka

Emerson's Brewery
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Cheech and Chong / NZ IPA / 6.5% / Nelson Sauvin Big Grape Juice and Tropical Flavours, dank in aroma, big and reisonous.

Beer Baroness
Fresh hop Lady Danger / Fresh Hop Red Ale / 6.5% / NZ Cascade & Taiheke

North End Brewing Co.
Forty South IPA / Reimagined English IPA / 7% / Taiheke

Bach Brewing + Laughing Bones
Cornucopia / East Coast IPA - Unfiltered / 6.5% / Motueka and Taiheke This beer will be unfiltered and pleasantly cloudy for full fresh hop flavour. Expect grapefruit and lime notes, with fresh grassiness

Sprig & Fern
Harvest Pilsner™ (2017) / Pilsner / 5% / Motueka and Nelson Sauvin For our fresh-hopped Harvest Pilsner™, we use two freshly picked hops, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin harvested at the Kentishman Hop Farm in Upper Moutere, a stone's throw away from the brewery. As well as the distinctive hop bouquet gained from using fresh hops, Motueka gives passion fruit and tropical notes and Nelson Sauvin bold citrus aromas. With a crisp and dry Pilsner finish this quadruple gold medal winner beer is one to savour .

Tuatara Brewing
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